How to tell a Forex broker is good?

forex brokers tradingDiscovering a good and reliable Forex broker should be a top task for you, when you decide to immerse the financial trading world. But we do understand that this might not be as easy as it sounds. So, it is a must for you to read the following tips and instructions we have gathered for you. They will help you find out how to tell if a Forex broker is really good, trustworthy and what is more important – safe enough for you to join it right away!

On mandatory, a Forex broker should be licensed!

Every financial services provider should have an official license for its activity. So does a Forex broker, which also provides financial services – specially for the traders. When a Forex broker, though, gets licensed it can be officially regulated. And regulation provides the main security for both – the company that owes the broker and all of the consumers, who register in it. Regulation is always handled by an independent agency that every country should have. Some national brokers are regulated by the national banks of the country. In all cases, though, the protection you receive is for both – your money and your personal and bank account data you provide, when you register in a broker.

A Forex broker should suit your needs, when it comes to the options it offers!

These needs are different – from various payment methods for your deposits and withdrawals to good and well-maintained education centers for beginners like you. Meanwhile, the trading instruments and the diversity of trading assets to choose from also factors that can make a good forex broker really interesting and reliable! So, next time you visit a broker, check out its front page menu. See if it has all of the options you need and want to try.

A Forex broker, though, should be also intriguing and generous

Or in other words, look for a broker with good Forex bonuses. Almost all of the Forex platforms these days provide the common deposit bonus, but if you find a website, where there are also cash back bonuses, refer a friend program and other interesting extras like Forex contest, you are a really lucky and happy trader that has discovered a really good broker.

Do not underestimate the quality of the trading platform, either!

Another factor that can make a broker really good is the trading platform. If you are not an IT specialist, you should better rely on a platform that is popular and used by the most famous brokers. For instance, Webtrader and Meta Trader 4 are very common platforms and if you see a broker with it, usually this is a reliable broker. Last, but not least, for more convenience, try to find a broker with mobile apps, too, so you can trade on the go! In the end of the day it is mandatory not to forget that you can easily loose money. This is no free online casino game. if you want to get adrenaline rush and emotions, we would recommend that you read a beginners guide for sports betting and start doing that.
These are the main and the least things you need to look for in a broker. If you broker has it, it must be a good one by all means!

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What to look for when considering getting a new bank account in a bank


Before you entrust your money to any bank, you have to consider a number of factors to ensure that your money is safe. You must ensure that the bank is the kind that you can do business without cheating you. There are many banks in this country, it is to your best interest that you select the best bank that cannot over charge you, or that can make transaction difficult for you. Here are some important factors that must be available before you accept to deposit your money in any bank.

Though the numbers of clients enjoying the services of such bank, as well as the bank’s reputations are very important considerations, other salient factors determine whether you should engage the services of any bank. Here are just a few of them.

Ensure that the bank does not charge monthly maintenance fees. This is usually the case with a checking account. Now with many reputable banks joining the banking business, many of them do not demand such fees. Ensure that your bank does not charge such fees. At least this will save you some costs.

Secondly, your bank should not demand a minimum balance requirement. A bank doing like that is not friendly, because it will have your money locked up while you have an urgent need for money. Your money should be free for you any time you want it.

Thirdly, your bank should not place any limitation on the number of transactions, as well as method of transaction that you can do. You should be free to transact your money anytime you like without hindrances. Furthermore, it should not restrict any movement of money from your current to savings account and vice versa. You can withdraw money from any of your account without difficulties.

Fourthly, it should guarantee a free ATM access. Your bank should not charge you when you draw money with your ATM card. Most importantly, you have to ensure that such a bank has many ATM outlets. You should consider whether your bank could reimburse charges made by other banks on your ATM withdrawals. This is very important because you would be drawing with your ATM card most of the times.

Most importantly, it is important that you ensure that your bank has a mobile banking facility. It should facilitate some of the transactions that you make online. It does not mean that anytime that you want to make a transaction that you must visit your bank. The bank has to be online friendly and the charges for that should be very low if they charge at all.

The information provided above is useful for those who want to run a checking account. If you want to run a savings account, you have to consider additional things; most important among them is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and maybe the portfolio management software the bank uses. This will help you, as it will ensure that you recover your deposit should the bank that you deposit your money start having a problem, or when it is liquidated.

Competitive interest rate is another important consideration when making your choice of savings account to deposit your money. Consider the interest earnings and compare it with what is available in the industry. This will help you to make the right decision. If you consider these factors, you will make the right decision.

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The Top 5 Investment Management Companies in USA


Diversifying your investments is the best way to diversify your portfolio in the modern business world we have world. However, you need help from well-known investment firms that will identify the best opportunities for you to invest in. It is important to understand your target company, how big it is and what they possess.
Black Rock- This firm boasts of millions of clients from different parts of the globe, for example firms, governments, individuals and foundations where they offer different services with regards to financial markets and corporate governance. In addition, the firm has over $4.5 trillion in mandates owed to its clients.
J.P. Morgan- As a leading assent management firm, J.P Morgan boasts of a large client base, mainly; individuals, firms and institutions all over the world. It has a large asset base of over $1.7 trillion providing insights of markets to other companies they can match.
Vanguard- Being the stewards of assets of over 20mmillion clients around the world, this firm strives to seek better earnings for its clients. In addition it manages over $3 trillion in clients’ assets. It offers financial products and services to institutions and individuals all over the world.
Fidelity- With over 70 years’ experience in offering expert financial services to governments, institutions and individuals, this firm boast of over $2.06 trillion in assets. It offers online discount brokerage services in over 140 locations in the US. Other services provided by this firm include pension administration, stock plan administration and record keeping to renowned firms all over the world.
Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) – With over 1.52 trillion in assets under management, PIMCO provides asset allocation solutions to millions of investors all over the world. They offer advice to governments, firms and companies with regards to capital structure, structured credit, equities and currencies.

Generally, the above are the top 5 investment management companies that everyone knows about in the US

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