The Top 5 Investment Management Companies in USA


Diversifying your investments is the best way to diversify your portfolio in the modern business world we have world. However, you need help from well-known investment firms that will identify the best opportunities for you to invest in. It is important to understand your target company, how big it is and what they possess.
Black Rock- This firm boasts of millions of clients from different parts of the globe, for example firms, governments, individuals and foundations where they offer different services with regards to financial markets and corporate governance. In addition, the firm has over $4.5 trillion in mandates owed to its clients.
J.P. Morgan- As a leading assent management firm, J.P Morgan boasts of a large client base, mainly; individuals, firms and institutions all over the world. It has a large asset base of over $1.7 trillion providing insights of markets to other companies they can match.
Vanguard- Being the stewards of assets of over 20mmillion clients around the world, this firm strives to seek better earnings for its clients. In addition it manages over $3 trillion in clients’ assets. It offers financial products and services to institutions and individuals all over the world.
Fidelity- With over 70 years’ experience in offering expert financial services to governments, institutions and individuals, this firm boast of over $2.06 trillion in assets. It offers online discount brokerage services in over 140 locations in the US. Other services provided by this firm include pension administration, stock plan administration and record keeping to renowned firms all over the world.
Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) – With over 1.52 trillion in assets under management, PIMCO provides asset allocation solutions to millions of investors all over the world. They offer advice to governments, firms and companies with regards to capital structure, structured credit, equities and currencies.

Generally, the above are the top 5 investment management companies that everyone knows about in the US

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