What to look for when considering getting a new bank account in a bank


Before you entrust your money to any bank, you have to consider a number of factors to ensure that your money is safe. You must ensure that the bank is the kind that you can do business without cheating you. There are many banks in this country, it is to your best interest that you select the best bank that cannot over charge you, or that can make transaction difficult for you. Here are some important factors that must be available before you accept to deposit your money in any bank.

Though the numbers of clients enjoying the services of such bank, as well as the bank’s reputations are very important considerations, other salient factors determine whether you should engage the services of any bank. Here are just a few of them.

Ensure that the bank does not charge monthly maintenance fees. This is usually the case with a checking account. Now with many reputable banks joining the banking business, many of them do not demand such fees. Ensure that your bank does not charge such fees. At least this will save you some costs.

Secondly, your bank should not demand a minimum balance requirement. A bank doing like that is not friendly, because it will have your money locked up while you have an urgent need for money. Your money should be free for you any time you want it.

Thirdly, your bank should not place any limitation on the number of transactions, as well as method of transaction that you can do. You should be free to transact your money anytime you like without hindrances. Furthermore, it should not restrict any movement of money from your current to savings account and vice versa. You can withdraw money from any of your account without difficulties.

Fourthly, it should guarantee a free ATM access. Your bank should not charge you when you draw money with your ATM card. Most importantly, you have to ensure that such a bank has many ATM outlets. You should consider whether your bank could reimburse charges made by other banks on your ATM withdrawals. This is very important because you would be drawing with your ATM card most of the times.

Most importantly, it is important that you ensure that your bank has a mobile banking facility. It should facilitate some of the transactions that you make online. It does not mean that anytime that you want to make a transaction that you must visit your bank. The bank has to be online friendly and the charges for that should be very low if they charge at all.

The information provided above is useful for those who want to run a checking account. If you want to run a savings account, you have to consider additional things; most important among them is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and maybe the portfolio management software the bank uses. This will help you, as it will ensure that you recover your deposit should the bank that you deposit your money start having a problem, or when it is liquidated.

Competitive interest rate is another important consideration when making your choice of savings account to deposit your money. Consider the interest earnings and compare it with what is available in the industry. This will help you to make the right decision. If you consider these factors, you will make the right decision.

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